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Flowers from the Philippines are arguably among the most beautiful and vibrant flowers in the world. However, it is often difficult to choose the right flowers from the Philippines while being confident that the flowers you order will be the freshest flowers that a Philippines florist has to offer. While Philippine roses and flowers are exquisite, if you don't work with a florist that specializes in international standard delivery, the product you receive might end up less than desirable. Gift Delivery in Philippines

When you send flowers to the Philippines, there are a few key things that you can do to help ensure that the Philippine gifts are exactly what you had envisioned.

Choosing The Right Philippine Florist

When you cannot physically visit a Philippine florist, it is very difficult to gauge the quality of the flowers that they have to offer. The next best thing to visiting a Philippine florist is to visit a virtual floral boutique by using the Internet. Many top quality Philippine florists have websites where you can view pre-made bouquets showcasing their floral products.

Some sites also offer an online purchasing option where you can order a standard or tailored gift of flowers and then send flowers to the Philippines. When ordering a standard bouquet of flowers, look for sites with large, clear pictures that allow you to determine the type, quality and size of the bouquet. Flowers Delivery Philippines

Check the Philippines Florist's Supplier

Another great way to ensure that the Philippine florist you choose has the freshest flowers in the Philippines is to check their supplier of flowers. A good supplier will have dedicated facilities, a respectable client base, and often will be a member of industry associations such as the International Cut Flower Growers Association (ICFG).

Be Specific

To ensure that your Philippine gifts have the freshest and fullest flowers, and to guarantee that the flowers are the ones you had in mind, it pays to be specific. Look at the color, number, type, and even arrangement of the flowers that you want the florist to use. This will dramatically cut down on miscommunications and errors. Send Flowers to Philippines

Philippines Roses

Philippines roses warrant a special mention in their own right. Universally loved, roses are often charged at a premium. Sometimes, Philippine florists tout internationally imported roses in their bouquets and can charge double the price. There are two main problems with this - for one, you'll pay extra for the florists import costs and secondly, roses often loose their luster and fragrance during long periods of refrigeration. Make sure that you're not paying for expensive roses just because they are imported! Instead, do some digging to ensure that the florist you buy from gets their roses fresh from the Philippines.

Fruit Arrangements Delivery Philippines

Fruit Arrangements Delivery Philippines

Fruit Arrangements Delivery Philippines

Client Testimonials

William watson united states

Great service, I am fully satisfied about delivery and quality. I used the lived chat to get what I wanted.  

Joanne Croft London

Used this service for quite sometime now on one occasion funeral flowers did not arrive on time abit disappointed because of the late response time as well apparently it was peak time and Easter holidays .nevertheless I shall keep surprising my loved ones and make them feel my appreciation for them thru this website! Thank you

Lorelie Alarte Doha, Doha

5th transaction, thank you for delivering on time. Job well done! Looking forward for my 6th.. :)

Josiah Joseph Julian Al Jazeerah Al Hamrah, Ras Al Khaimah

thank you for making it possible to reach her heart.... at first i'm afraid that this was a houx but when she recieved it i'm sure this shop is 100% legit.... thank you again for making her so happy...

Rowena Gabitan Dubai, Dubai

It is my first time to order flower delivery online for Mother's Day. I panic at some point when my Mom still has not received anything within the time i specified. Even though it was not delivered as per requested time, what's important is my Mom was able to receive it on Mother's Day and was very much happy and surprise. I do understand the constraint in Philippines concerning traffic but I do appreciate that your effort to delivery it. Kudos to you and your team and will definitely be a valued customer and recommend your service. Thank you so much!!!
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